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I am very fortunate to have a life resume that includes chiseling the Berlin Wall, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, spending 3 weeks in an ashram in India, receiving a blessing from a Buddhist monk in Tibet, experiencing a 10 day silent meditation, and doing mescaline with a shaman in Peru. My career path has always been centered on music, spending a decade fulfilling my life’s passion working for a major record label. I have run my own independent record label, manned the microphone at a college radio station for 14 years, been the Music Editor of a lifestyle magazine, and sat as the president of the board of directors for a non-profit society that benefits musicians. Today I teach of the Music Business program at Nimbus School of Recording Arts.

Fortunately for me, I also teach yoga. I believe that the value of a yoga class is not found in what we can achieve in one hour together, but rather in how that one-hour affects the other twenty-three. My education spans training in India and Thailand, and includes Thai Massage certification in the Way Po lineage. I teach regular classes in the Yin style, and incorporate my music background with a theme of “Yin Lounge” – where we turn the music up while going deeper. My favourite practice of all is Partner Yoga, and I teach workshops in the lineage of Contact Yoga, hence the name, Contact Partner Yoga.

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Chris Brandt

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