Should I Stay Or Should I Go

September 6th, 2012 | 1 Comment

In 2005 I was working my dream job. I was in the industry I had always wanted to be in, and had a great position at the largest and most powerful company in the game. I had the opportunity to participate in amazing events, meet cultural influencers, and was afforded the freedom to pursue my own projects on the side.

One fateful weekend, my two bosses, who were the best bosses I have ever had, were both fired in a corporate coup d’état.  The company brought in an arrogant, incompetent guy from the prairies to take the helm, essentially replacing two jet engines with a wheelbarrow.


Monday morning my clock radio went off to the sound of The Clash “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”. I lay in bed and listened to the entire song. My choice was to go into the office and quit, or continue to work in my dream job for a new boss I didn’t like and a company I no longer respected. I went in and sucked it up, believing that my gig defined me, and was the culmination of my career ambitions. This decision led to the worst year of my life. 14 months later I was relieved when they let me go.


Fast-forward a few years to another job that I really wasn’t happy in. Cue “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” on the clock radio again one morning. This time I walked into work and quit. It felt amazing. I booked my flight to Thailand to attend yoga teacher training. Namaste indeed.

all your worry
has proved such an
find a better
watch how much time you spend worrying today.

~ Hafiz “find a better job”

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Jillian Walker

September 15, 2012

I needed to hear this today.

Solid solid life lesson.


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