Death & Humour

September 18th, 2011 | No Comments

Things end. I was reminded of this recently during the second act of As You Like It at Bard On The Beach, when a gentlemen about 15 feet away had a heart attack. Sometimes we are exposed to things that we are not prepared for.

Death is obviously the big ending, but the premise of closure also occurs when we leave a relationship, get fired, or even complete a 30-day yoga challenge.

Hopefully in our yoga practice we find a degree of personal evolution that equips us with the tools to respond to the outside world with presence, and perhaps even humour. I have said many times that the ability to stay calm in traffic is a sign of a more developed yoga practice than being able to do handstands.

We do yoga poses. Big deal. They hurt. We can come out of them. It is a safe environment to practice adversity.

Fortunately for the gentlemen at the play, doctors love Shakespeare. Three of them came flying out of the audience to his aid, and he was conscious and waving to the crowd as the paramedics wheeled him out on a stretcher.

Oscar Wilde spoke the greatest last words ever. On his deathbed he turned to say, “Either this wallpaper goes, or I do”. This is a man facing death. If he can bring that level of humour to his final moments, how can we better respond to receiving a parking ticket?

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